Pyongyang warned Tuesday that the US is well within reach of its own missiles following an accord that allowed South Korea to possess longer-range missiles capable of hitting “all of North Korea”.

North Korea said the agreement was a “product of another conspiracy of the master and the stooge” and accused the US and South Korea of plotting to invade the North. An unidentified spokesman at the National Defence Commission said the North has missiles capable of striking South Korea, Japan, Guam and the US mainland.

Korean Central News Agency quoted the spokesman as saying, “We do not hide … the strategic rocket forces are keeping within the scope of strike not only the bases of the puppet forces and the US imperialist aggression forces’ base in the inviolable land of Korea but also Japan, Guam and the US mainland”.

North Korea claimed that “hostile” US policy would ignite a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. North Korea staged rocket launches that the US believes are guises for nuclear tests. South Korea sought to develop its missile capabilities in the face of nuclear threats in the North, to “secure an effective means to protect our people’s lives and security,” a spokeswoman for President Lee Myung-bak said.