Six weeks of heightened tensions between North and South Korea and the US appear to have somewhat calmed with the news that two medium range missiles have been removed from their launch site.

But while standing down military forces, Pyongyang’s high command has reportedly warned of immediate counter-attack if new military exercises by its enemies impinge on North Korean territory.

Park Geun Hye, the South Korean president, will meet President Obama in Washington today in what will be the highest profile meeting between the two allies since the North embarked on a campaign of daily outbursts in late March.

Their meeting comes after officials from both countries confirmed that North Korea had moved from their launch positions on its east coast two medium range Musudan missiles potentially capable of striking the American Pacific island of Guam.

“It appears that the two Musudan missiles have been moved to some other place, though we have yet to confirm where they are located,” a government source was quoted as telling the South Korean Yonhap news agency, confirming similar leaks to journalists in Washington. “Intelligence authorities of South Korea and the US are closely tracking them.”