The flag blunder at the opening match which dampened North Korea’s Olympic mood seems to have been put behind the team, which has at the end of the third day of competition proper won four medals, including three golds, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Weightlifter Om Yun Chol, 20, won gold for North Korea in the 56-kilogram division, setting an Olympic record by lifting 168 kilograms on his third attempt, more than three times his own weight. “The reason that I’m able to get the gold medal at these Olympics is due to the warm love and consideration of General Kim Jong il and comrade Kim Jong Eun,” Om said in his obligatory tribute. “Because of them, I was able to get great strength today.”

The other golds were won by Kim Un Guk (62kg weightlifting) and Kum Ae An (under 52kg Judo).