The six world powers have failed to extract concrete concessions from Iran that would rein in its nuclear programme during two days of negotiations in Baghdad. The “limited progress” made so far includes an agreement to meet in Moscow on June 18. Failure to even set a date would mean talks with Iran had completely broken down.

Lady Ashton, EU high representative, said “clear differences remained between the international community and Iran,” but both sides want to make progress through finding common ground. A senior western diplomat highlighted that Iran had opened up on its nuclear programme, providing detailed discussions, which was an objective for the meeting, “we did achieve that”, he further said.

The meeting, however, made no progress in agreeing in concrete concessions from Iran that would have stopped the production of 20% enriched uranium, used to make nuclear weapons. Another western diplomat rated the meeting “a six out of 10” due to making no progress on the step-by-step package.

Iran’s nuclear programme could provoke Israel to attack it’s nuclear facilities somewhere near the future, accentuating the necessity to reach the concessions.