In Russian culture the circus is an art form regarded in the same way as the ballet and opera. Playing an important role in Russian culture and tradition, circuses are a platform for the highly skilled, athletic and creative. The Moscow State Circus is one of the oldest and most famous circuses in Russia. In 1946 the Clown Studio was established and Yuri Nikulin was one of the most popular clowns, even starring in various popular Soviet-era film comedies. Nikulin is considered one of Russias “best-loved men,” with the ability to express and ease the daily hardships of the layman through laughter and jokes. The Moscow State Circus has been renamed in honor of Nikulin, and a statue of him can be found outside the venue where he praticed and performed in Russia. The circus comes to town January 9, performing at Tokyo Dome, JCB Hall.

Through Feb. 14, various times
Nearest station: Suidobashi
Tickets: ¥6,000