North Korea has accused an Australian paper of “bullying” and name-calling, but the latest insult might be considered rather timid.

According to Wall Street Journal, Australian newspaper mX published a scoreboard of the Olympic Games, humorously referring to South Korea as “Nice Korea” and North Korea as “Naughty Korea”. The Korean Central News Agency quickly criticized the stint saying that it was a “bullying act little short of insulting the Olympic spirit of solidarity, friendship and progress and politicizing sports”.

The paper said the antic was not meant to offend anyone; mX’s Sydney-based editor, Craig Herbert, said that it was a “harmless way of differentiating between the two [Koreas], and a reflection on how much of the western world views the two countries”. The Australian newspaper published a front page comeback article titled “N. Korea launches missive. Pyongyang goes ballistic mX tally”.