North Korea has warned that artillery is aimed at the specific coordinates of a number of South Korean news agencies and would readily attack if media insults continue, an official statement reported by Korean Central News Agency said.

North Korea is celebrating a six-day children’s festival wherein 20,000 children will participate in a tour of Pyongyang, a zoo and restaurants, and take part in other political and cultural events. South Korean news agency, Channel A, reportedly called the events a “political show” and accused leader Kim Jong-un of using the festival to secure the loyalty of the children who will be North Korea’s future conscripts.

North Korea responded by intimidating South Korea, warning of a “merciless sacred war” if Seoul does not apologize for the “vicious smear campaign” against the nation.

The Unification Ministry in Seoul, handling affairs between the two Koreas, told reporters that the provocation is “too serious to set aside”. Channel A did not release any comment on the threats.