Have you always dreamed of living in a gorgeous seaside home kitted out with stylish finishings and a calming, neutral palette? Now’s your chance: Mujirushi Ryohin Company (aka Muji) is offering a two-year lease for a beautiful home in Kamakura, starting from March 2017 – and it comes rent free.

After the success of their similar first campaign in Mitaka, Tokyo, the company is launching its follow-up campaign in Kamakura. The contract offers a rent-free lease that allows you to live in the all-Muji-decorated “mado no ie” (“window house”). 

The bright, white, two-story house is said to have 80 square meters of floor space in total. The house is designed using “picture windows” (windows that have no frames so as to emphasize the view) with the aim of “putting what you want to see first.” This design lets fresh air, light, and voices flow through, encouraging a sense of connection between the residents.


Not only does the house have a garden and parking space, it also comes with suitably neat Muji furniture, giving you the complete Muji experience.


What’s the catch? While there’s no Big Brother involved, Muji will occasionally request that you allow them to use the home as a kind of showroom for potential clients, and that you are available to provide feedback on the experience. We think that’s a small price to pay for a free two-year stay in a beautiful home that’s near the beach and just a 15-minute walk from the train station.

Anyone can apply until August 31, 2016, including non-Japanese applicants as long as they have a high proficiency in the Japanese language. To apply, visit ie.muji.net/monitor2016 and follow the steps to your dream house.