[Update] This competition is now closed.
The annual Manga Translation Battle is now in its sixth year and is now open to submissions. Organized by the Digital Comic Association and Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, it is the only official Japanese manga translation competition.
Aspiring translators can choose one of three manga excerpts to submit for a chance to win. Contestants can submit entries for multiple manga, but can only win one prize. Groups are also permitted to compete, but can only submit one entry together. For more information on rules and regulations, see the official website.
The Grand Prize includes a choice of one of the following: a Macbook Air, PS4 Pro and PS VR, a travel voucher for ¥100,000, or other options. Grand Prize winners are invited to the award ceremony in Japan — coupled with a free flight. First prize winners can choose between an Apple Watch, a Nintendo Switch, and vouchers worth ¥50,000 for digital comics or software.
Additionally, prize winners may be asked to translate the full manga, and they may also get the opportunity to work with a translation agency.
Contestants can submit their entries until November 12, 23:59 (US PST). Judges will select winners between January and February 2018.

This year’s manga are:

Hachi Miles ~ A dog’s pilgrimage to Ise Jingu ~, by Toshiko Endo

Hachi Miles is the story of a dog in the Edo period who sets off on a pilgrimage to Ise Jingu to get a talisman for his ailing master. Because he doesn’t know the way, he has to rely on people’s kindness to get him there.

Deaimon, by Rin Asano

Nagumo Irino returns to Kyoto after his father becomes ill, in the hopes of taking over the family’s confectionery shop. However, when he arrives, he finds that someone else has already been named the successor.

New York, New York, by Marimo Ragawa

A not-yet-out New York cop is happy with his one-night-stand lifestyle until he meets his soulmate, Mel. It’s a tale of humanism and true love.


For more information on submission and format guidelines, see the competition website.