Malaysian police found out that a girl reported missing by her father staged a kidnap story to spite him for not approving of her boyfriend.

A 57-year old coffee shop owner reported to the police on Wednesday that his 19-year old daughter had not come home for three days. He received an SMS from someone using her mobile phone saying she had been “taken by kidnappers” and demanding a 2 million ringgit ($655,000) ransom.

“The message told the father to bring the money to a house along Bintulu-Miri Road in return for his daughter’s release. It also warned him not to report to the police if he wanted his daughter alive,” Bintulu police chief Supt. Madang Usat told Asia News Network.

The police immediately took action after receiving the report but later found out that it was a hoax and that the girl was actually hiding at her elder sister’s house.

The daughter and her boyfriend were detained on Thursday. “She admitted concocting the kidnap story, while the boyfriend was totally unaware of his girlfriend’s hoax,” Supt. Madang said.