Robert Estel picks this summer’s hottest gadgets

As we fast approach the end of the rainy season, it is time to get ready to enjoy the summer in style. This week, we’re going to take a look at gadgets that will keep you cool, or looking cool while you are out having fun in the sun.

First off, what better way to enjoy the summer than to head to the beach or pool? While there are more and more waterproof cameras becoming available to snap those summer moments, there aren’t many ways to take a video without the risk of dunking your precious video camera in the drink. Enter Sanyo’s new waterproof Xacti model, the DMX-CA65. This digital camera also records digital movies in high quality mpeg 4 or h.264 format. Waterproof up to one-and-a-half meters deep, this camera will record up to 80 minutes of fun underwater with a one GB SD memory card. Specs include a six megapixel sensor capable of taking pictures with a quality of up to ten megapixels, an up to eight gigabyte SD memory card and SD HDC memory card compatibility, five times optical zoom, ISO of up to 1,600, and anti-shake functions for movie recording. Released on June 15th, the Xacti DMX-CA65 is currently retailing at a suggested price of ¥60,000. More info can be found in Japanese on Sanyo’s home page at

If hanging out in the pool or at the beach isn’t your idea of staying cool this summer but fashion is, then music lovers looking for “bling” need look no further than Sony’s new Walkman lineup. The E-series walkman comes in three flavors of one, two, and four gigabytes, costing ¥15,800, ¥18,800, and ¥24,800 respectively. Marketed at the ladies, these blingified walkmans are decked out with crystals and look more like lipstick than your average mp3 player. Available only through collaboration with Abiste Jewelry stores, this could be hard to find, but just the right accessory for that “cool” night. For more information, check out the special site at Sony Style:

And last but not least, what better way to keep cool than through chilled beverages? For those who like to veg out in front of the television and prefer not to expend energy walking to your kitchen refrigerator, then look no further than the tamago or egg cooler. Available from Topone, this tiny cooler is the shape of, you guessed it, an egg. Available in six and ten liter sizes starting at ¥19,800, this tiny cooler will chill up to eight cans of your choice of beverage. It’s also compact enough to take with you on those trips out to the camp and comes with a car charger as well to use outside. Again, for more info, check out Topone’s homepage at

Hopefully with these suggestions you’ll be able to find the best way to stay cool while looking fashionable and recording those great summer moments.