Tokyo’s leading U.K. club event, London Calling is back along with the return of FAC51 HACIENDA!

The infamous club from Manchester, the heart of Factory Records and the pulse of the Acid & Rave generation a.k.a. “Madchester” has asked us to host the lounge room for THE HACIENDA’S return to Tokyo at one of the hottest clubs to open in recent years: VISION!

London Calling has continued to faithfully base itself upon the U.K.’s underground club scene which has consistently pioneered new sounds, urban movements and social scenes as well as adhering to the punk ethos of DIY that was so passionately expressed by the Clash.

The Main Room will feature the legends of House, the Basement Jaxx.

The British electronic dance duo consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe will storm into Tokyo for one night of musical madness.

The dynamic duo of the UK House movement of the late 1990’s are here for a special DJ set that will showcase some of their biggest anthems intertwined with new and original tunes for this special night at Vision.

So don’t be left asking, ahem “Where’s your head at?” if you miss this night!

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