Lisa Ono wraps up her winter tour in Japan. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Ono moved to Japan at the age of 10, but continued to spend half her time between Japan and Brazil. She was introduced to bossa nova music at an early age by her father. In addition to owning a club in Brazil, her father was also the agent for Baden Powell de Aquino, one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists of all time. After moving to Japan, Ono’s father opened a Brazilian restaurant called Saci-Pererê (which still exists today), and it was here that Ono started singing bossa nova and samba. Her first album, Catupiry, was released in 1989, and since then she has recorded over 20 more albums and received worldwide acclaim. Known in the industry as Japan’s premier bossa nova artist, she released two albums earlier this year: Cheek to Cheek: Jazz Standards from Rio and Look to the Rainbow: Jazz Standards from L.A.

Dec 27, 5pm
Nearest station: Shibuya
Tickets: ¥7,350