Aston Martin for beginners

by Emily Co

What I knew of cars can literally fit in a nutshell, and in fact, I didn’t even have a dream car. Well, not a realistic dream car; the Batmobile courtesy of Dark Knight, is certainly out of my reach. Car aficionados may be horrified, but the truth be told, I didn’t know what an Aston Martin looked like. I just knew it was a James Bond car or something of the like. But I was curious about the process of purchasing a car in Japan; after all, I might have to at some point, and luckily Yushi Katayama, director of the Akasaka Aston Martin Dealership, was kind enough to withstand the peppering of my endless questions.

Foreigners keen on purchasing a car at the dealership may be gladdened to know employed at the dealership have excellent that three of the four staff members English skills. There are two ways of going about purchasing an Aston Martin. First off, the impatient may purchase a stock car that is ready to be sold and delivered at the drop of a hat. Most, however, generally custom order their Aston paint to the supple interior leather. Specifications will be Martin in order to chose what they want from the exterior sent off to the UK head office and the car will be shipped to Japan in about six or seven months.

Taken care of

The Aston Martin staff will handle the registration if you deade to go with the insurance company that the dealership is an agent of. “That’s it?” I queried Tadayuki Kawai, a friendly Aston Martin staff member. “Yes, you have to sign and pay, of course. Then, we deliver.” Somewhere in the back of my mind, Stevie Wonder started crooning; “signed, sealed, and delivered, I’m yours.”

The Akasaka Aston Martin dealership goes the extra mile, as seen by the close rapport they enthusiastically seek to establish with their clientele. Events and galas are organized every two months to cater to the satisfaction of the customers and to strengthen relationships. Katayama explains, “We do not just place this car in front of your face and sell it. It is more of a “let us enjoy this party together.” They recently held an event at the British Embassy where they enlisted the catering services of a renowned chef. In past events, they have held lotteries and hired the services of famous celebrities to come sing at their events. A golfing tournament is the next upcoming event tomark on the Aston Martin social calendar.

Katayama went on to describe the Aston Martin e motto of power, beauty, and soul; “A powerful sports car e with an ‘understated elegance’ that surpasses many of the r overtly flashy cars on the market, the soul of the Aston e Martin complements the inner strength and confidence of the driver.”

Aston Martin for James Bond

Test drive

To my chagrin, and probably to the relief of Katayama and Kawai (not to mention drivers within the Akasaka vicinity), I could not do a test drive because I did not hold  an international driver’s license. Sadly, I was relegated to , the passenger’s seat but was allowed to push the accelerator while the car was in parking gear to hear the sound of the engine. While Kawai drove the sleek Aston Martin around, I saw several heads turned to stare. That is the “beauty” of the Aston Martin working its magic. You can’t help but crane your necks in order to get a better look at this magnificent work of automobile art. As I pressed the e accelerator, a deafening roar sent tingles up my spine. This was the “power” and “soul” Katayama mentioned and I felt it right down to the tip of my toes. Of course, I gleefully pressed the accelerator again, and again, and у  again. I forced myself to stop before I had Kawai worried.

You can’t help but crane your
necks in order to get a better
look at this magnificent work
of automobile art.

I had been on the edge of my seat all interview long for a chance to pop the next question. “So, do you feel like James Bond when you’re driving the Aston Martin?” Kawai nods, “Yes,” he paused with a faraway look in his eyes, “sometimes.” And with that reply he had me sold. Goodbye Batmobile, the Aston Martin has effectively booted you as top contender for my dream car. The name’s Co. Emily Co, shaken not stirred.

For more information contact Aston Martin Akasaka see or call 03-5411-2332.