Catch an evening of laughter and traditional storytelling—and the proceeds go to support charities.

Unless your Japanese is very strong, being able to understand the traditional storytelling art of rakugo can be a real challenge. And even once you understand the Japanese itself, the subtle wordplay and the cultural nuances of this comedic art might still elude you. So it’s a rare opportunity to be able to appreciate rakugo in English. The performer for the evening is a woman who combines an academic background with the charisma and grace of a natural performer: Kimie Oshima, who holds a PhD in Sociolinguistics and teaches at Kanagawa University.

The show, titled “Laugh and Peace,” is a charity event whose profits will go in support of Enjie, an NPO that supports children’s education in Ghana. Special guests will include Shinoharu Tatekawa and David Yano, who is the director of Enjie and one of the subjects of the popular documentary, Hafu.

“Laugh and Peace”—A Night of Rakugo in English

When: May 28, 19:00–21:30

Where: Fukugawa Edo Shiryokan (see below)

How much: ¥2,500–3,000

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