What do you know about Latvia? I’ve heard bits about of tasty beers, beautiful girls, a seaside view, and a late summer sun. But what else?

If you, like me, are left a little bit in the dark regarding this seemingly gorgeous country we don’t often hear about, now is your chance to find out more. No need to splurge for a steep plane ticket in order to sample a taste of the Baltic nation: Latvian Week is taking place on our doorstep from August 31st until September 13th, with various events around the Omotesando area.

Celebrate the arrival of autumn (only officially, definitely not weather wise!) and soak in everything Latvia with a mouthful of their delicious chocolate (who knew?) and an introduction to the Latvian language, as well as a workshop about Latvian tourism, a saxophone recital and a Latvian disco – something I’m most curious about.

The highlight of Latvian Week possibly comes in the form of the much anticipated night market, on September 8th: drop by Athalie boutique (where most events will take place) in Aoyama, and you will be able to taste various traditional sweets, herb tea and cocktails, as well as peruse handcrafted goods: clothes, accessories, furniture, you name it.

Learn a little bit more about Latvian culture, and perhaps come join me on the dance floor of the disco. (Vivian Morelli)

Lativian Night Market, September 8th, 20:00-23:00

Boutique Athalie, 6-6-25 Minami-Aoyama

Click here for the full listing of events.

Map showing how to get to Athalie.