Kyoto jewelry brand “NIWAKA” will host an exclusive party in Omotesando, on Saturday November 5th 2011.

Real “Maiko” (geisha apprentices)from Kyoto will perform live in Omotesando, to celebrate the “Momiji Matsuri” (maple festival) and as a part ofNIWAKA, Japan Fashion's Night Out VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2011.

Everyone is invited to come and see the ancient Kyoto dance called “Hanamachi,” performed by the real Maiko. Guests are allowed to take a photo with the “Maiko” and enjoy a wonderful evening in Tokyo’s most fashionable shopping district.

Visitors to the “NIWAKA” Minami Aoyama Store will be served special Kyoto style cocktails or soft drinks; and in addition will be received an original “Sensu” (a hand fan) courtesy of Kyoto Fan!

The story of “NIWAKA”:

NIWAKA was founded in 1979 under the idea of harmonize the beauty of Japan with Kyoto’s modernism, combining traditions inherited from over 1200 years of history.

Each piece of jewelry has been inspired from the Kanji characters and natural scenery in Japan.

In April 2009, NIWAKA had opened its flagship store designed by a popular architect, Tadao Ando, and nowadays 9 exclusive stores, in premier locations such as Ginza and Aoyama, attract rising attentions from all over the world.

Entry: Free

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