It is not often you get to see doctors, models and police officers from all different countries working happily under one roof.

Well that was the scene at Kidzania on Wednesday as the edutainment amusement park launched “Global Otomodachi Night”.

The venue, which allows children to take on adult roles and work in a variety of industries, has become one of the most popular places for parents to bring their children in Japan.

It was therefore, the perfect location for Global Otomodachi Night, an event aimed at encouraging kids to make friends from all over the world.

As well as the various realistic “jobs” available to try, there were also a number of extra activities like the carrying of a Japanese “Omikoshi”, balloon art and a number of other games. The finale saw children from different countries singing and dancing.

Marketing director, Yosuke Sekiguchi was delighted with how things turned out. “It was a success. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and mixed well together,” he said.

After a fun evening of entertainment, the kids left their jobs with smiles on their faces. If only real work was this much fun!

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