Before you pack your suitcase and get excited about being able to take a plane to somewhere hot, have you ever thought about learning some of the language of the country where you are going? Just by being able to say a few words and phrases you can make some great new friends and of course, it’s lots of fun too!

So, what’s first? Well how to say ‘hello’ of course!

In Thailand there are two different ways to say hello for boys and for girls.
If you are a boy you say ‘sa-wa-dee kap’
If you are a girl, you say, ‘sa-wa-dee kaa.’

And when you say hello, you put the palms of your hands together in front of your chest, fingers pointing up (like a temple) and smile!

Think you can do that?

Next there are two ways to say ‘My name is…’ depending if you are a boy or a girl;
For boys, you say ‘pom chew…’ So if you’re name is ‘Jack’, you would say ‘pom chew Jack.’
For girls, you say ‘chan chew…’ So if your name is ‘Niki’, you would say ‘chan chew Niki.’

How are you doing?

Next, let’s practice ‘Thank-you’:
For boys, it sounds like ‘kop kun krab’ and for girls it’s ‘kop kun kaa.’ Put your hands together and smile!

So, if you practice, now you can make friends in Thailand. But remember if you are a boy to say ‘kap’ and if you are a girl to say ‘kaa’!! Have a good trip!