Iconic graphic artist and pop figure Keiichi Tanaami presents his latest works in two simultaneous Tokyo exhibitions.

His kitschy, colourful illustrations graced the album covers of bands such as The Monkees and Jefferson Airplane, he was the first art director of the Japanese edition of Playboy Magazine, and worked alongside Andy Warhol in New York at the height of psychedelic culture and pop art.

Keiichi Tanaami has worked beyond the confines of graphic design and used a variety of media including animation, experimental film, painting, and sculpture. Now a cult artist in today’s youth culture, his pieces are easily recognizable, presenting recurring elements such as deformed characters, rays of light, pine trees and young girls.

This time around, his first exhibit at Nanzuka gallery is entitled KILLER JOE’S features drawings, collages, paintings, and animations made by Tanaami in the ’60s and early ’70s that were recently discovered in the artist’s studio. This will be the first public showing of these original works. The second exhibit dubbed Burlesque takes place at the Stussy Harajuku shop, and consists of brand new drawings, complete with the release of a tee-shirt collection the artist created for street brand.

Keiichi Tanaami KILLER JOE’S

When: until May 25

Where: Nanzuka Gallery (click for map)

Keiichi Tanaami Burlesque

When: until May 5

Where: Stussy Harajuku (click for map)