by Weekender Sports Consultant Toshihiko Ishiwata 

I have spent many years creating original condition­ing methods and instructing them to hundreds of cli­ents. While most golf instructors only focus on how to swing and hit a ball, I introduce how to create and maintain the sense of balance of one’s body.

One of my most successful training methods is to improve physical condition using a balance ball. Peo­ple experience instability while sitting on a balance ball, meaning that their bodies naturally try to main­tain their balance by using both abdominal and back muscles. At the same time, the balance ball requires stretching one’s backbone and provides the best form for swinging a golf club.

The following instruction is an example practice schedule from one of my golf lessons:

1. Keep the position of your head and upper body sta­ble as you sit on the ball. Slide your pelvis from right to left while supporting your weight. Breathe while slid­ing and repeat slowly ten times.

2. Lie down on your back and put your legs straight on the ball. Rest your arms behind your head. Lift your hips and stay fixed for ten seconds. Repeat twice.

3. Stretch your arms and use both hands to hold the ball firmly. Roll the ball towards you while breath­ing in and then forward making a big sigh. Repeat five times.

4. Sit on the ball and slide your body down and for­ward. Lift your body up and push your upper body down and forward. Feel the muscle behind your knees stretching well. Repeat ten times very slowly.

After all this exercise, your body is certainly prepared to make a nice shot! You can find your best-fit balance ball at Victoria Golf stores.


Toshihiko Ishiwata

Toshihiko Ishiwata is a professional golf player and physical trainer. As an established golf instructor Ishiwata has gained a reputation for high-level instruction and has been awarded various accolades in Japan. He is Chief Instructor of ‘Kenko-Terakoya Golf School’ at Victoria Golf stores in Gotanda, Aoyama and Setagaya. Victoria Golf operates 38 branches nation-wide, offering a huge selection of golf gear, wear, shoes and accessories. The company has been providing golf lessons and hosting golf events for over 25 years.

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