When you think Kagurazaka, that sophisticated neighborhood of Tokyo, near do you think French?

You’d be forgiven for doing so, and l’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo may in part be to blame for the large proportion of fine french eateries in the area, and for some of that style on the streets.

This week, though, the area harks back to days in the early 20th century when it was renowned for its Geisha houses and fine kaiseki cuisine. A local street festival will take over the streets and help bring back some of the old Edo atmosphere; the area was, after all, once at the edge of Edo castle.

As good an excuse as you will ever get to check out an unfamiliar area, should you not go there often, or get a slightly different taste to usual, the Kagurazaka Matsuri is a nice warm up for festival season.

When: July 25-28

Where: Waseda-dori, Kagurazaka

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