Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and its partners have jointly developed an optical fiber capable of transmitting data at record-breaking pace, The Nikkei reports.

NTT, together with Fujikura Ltd., the Technical University of Denmark and Hokkaido University, announced the development during the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications in Amsterdam on Thursday. The new fiber boasts 1,000 terabits per second rate, a breakthrough from the 305 terabits widely used today. This allows an impressive data capacity which could transmit 5,000 two-hour long high-definition videos over 50km in just one second.

NTT also found a way around interference caused by adding cores to increase transmission capacity by positioning light paths to minimize the crosstalk, The Nikkei learned. The new fiber has a total of 12 cores which could be used for the next generation of optical networks.