Japan’s central and local government raised 3.4 billion yen ($43 million) after auctioning off surplus properties and goods seized from tax delinquents, Asahi Shimbun reports. Among other items auctioned off on Yahoo! Japan Corp. Internet Service were luxury cars, a closed school, land plots and a ship.

Bidding for the variety of items, which also included a road sweeper and beer brewing equipment, reached millions, according to Yahoo! Japan announcements. Bids for the road sweeper reached 4.81 million yen while the brewery equipment was sold for 6.88 million yen.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government sold a Ferrari for 22.8 million yen, the highest ever bid for an automobile on the site. A Porsche was sold for 7.3 million yen, while a Nissan GT-R went to the highest bidder at 5.95 million yen.

A total of 32,000 items were auctioned off in fiscal 2011, the highest bids coming for land plots. A closed elementary school was sold for 30 million yen. The most expensive item on the list was a residential plot in Mitaka, west Tokyo, sold for 587.9 million yen.