Japan has set out to help communist Vietnam in establishing an independent executive, legislative and judiciary body, having in mind the necessity of economic development to sustain foreign investment, including Japanese firms, The Nikkei reports.

The Japanese government will assist Vietnam’s constitutional reform by partaking in discussions between its own legal experts and Vietnamese constitutional research group to consult Japan’s constitutional system. The research group will include Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong.

Hanoi will study Japan’s constitution, including the separation of powers, mechanisms for local autonomy, and concepts of judicial review and referendums that they could incorporate in constitutional reforms, possibly next year.

According to The Nikkei, constitutional scholars and legal experts will meet with the Vietnamese group. They will also seek assistance from Justice Minister Makoto Taki and Chief Justice Hironobu Takesaki. The Japanese government, with the help of Japan International Cooperation Agency, deems that reform in the Communist Party-dominated country is necessary.