NHK WORLD-JAPAN is the international service of NHK, Japan’s public media organization. Here you’ll find quality content in multiple languages on a broad range of topics including current events, pop culture trends and immersive cultural travelogues. With several convenient viewing options — either through TV broadcasting or free on the NHK WORLD-JAPAN app and website — getting Japan-related news has never been simpler. 

Your Safety is Top Priority

NHK WORLD-JAPAN has, on top of its regular programming, up-to-date information on natural catastrophes like typhoons, floods and earthquakes, as well as the current Covid-19 pandemic. Content ranges from personal accounts and observations to detailed disaster preparation measures and advice on how to handle ongoing crises — available in your native language. NHK WORLD-JAPAN strives to be your go-to source for any current or future critical situations.

How to Stay Updated

For up-to-date emergency information, check out NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s Multilingual Updates page, which hosts the latest news on developing situations across Japan in 18 languages and plain Japanese. You can also find relevant guides on disaster preparation, financial aid information and a multilingual emergency hotline database. Watch this short video on how to use the Multilingual Updates Page.

Video on Demand: Covid-19 Focus

Check out NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s extensive range of Covid-19 related news, personal stories and the latest medical information by searching #coronavirus on the video on-demand website. Read on for a selection of recommended shows.

We’re in This Together: Life With the Pandemic

A documentary on the current pandemic, beyond the numbers we read about every day. People from across the world affected by Covid-19 – the sick, the medical professionals who treat them, essential workers who can’t stay at home – share their experiences, their fears and their hopes for the future. It’s a deeply emotional program that reminds us that we are all fighting the same battle. Watch it here

Runtime: 57 mins 15 secs

Tokyo Eye 2020: Coronavirus Special

Tokyo Eye 2020’s Chris Peppler talks to Tokyo residents about how people have adjusted to Covid-19 situations across the city. They talk about their experiences working at home and the changes in their local areas. The show also goes into Covid-19 worries, the most significant one being not knowing what to do if infected, or who to ask if their Japanese skills are lacking. Watch it here

Runtime: 28 mins

Medical Frontiers: Strengthening Immunity Against Covid-19

Medical Frontiers, headed by Erica Angyal, discusses methods of improving the body’s immune system against pathogens, bacteria and diseases. Experts explain three different ways to activate the immune system and help reduce the risk of contracting illnesses. Watch to find out how these methods work and other advice to help you stay healthy. Watch it here

Runtime: 28 mins 


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