Indonesian activists and journalists have launched a website aimed at shaming officials and individuals in one of the world’s most corrupt countries. (a compound word which seems to reference corrupt and wikipedia) shows a complete list of the names of corrupt officials and their cases to the public, including convictions that didn’t make it to the news, according to chief editor Ratna Dasahasta, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, “we are concerned that many people convicted of corruption show no remorse and act as if they didn’t do anything wrong,” she added. “The list is some kind of social sanction for those people.”

Indonesia ranks high in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. The list names 120 people who are convicted of corruption, including former cabinet ministers, governors, legislators, civil servants and businessmen.

Teten Masduki, the founder and former chairman of Indonesia Corruption Watch, told the Journal that the site traffic reaches over a million. The website has been a target for hackers. “We don’t know who the people who tried to hack the website are, but obviously they are unhappy with its content”.