Indonesia plans to extradite people-smuggler Sayed Abbas to Australia next year in an attempt to root out human trafficking amid the plight of asylum seekers.

According to AFP, Abbas, 30, allegedly arranged voyages for migrants from Indonesia to Australia, including the fatal journey of a boat that sank off the Java coast and left 200 asylum seekers dead. Amir Syamsuddin, Indonesia’s Justice and Human Rights Minister, stated: “He has already gone through the justice process in Indonesia. He was arrested, held and tried. He will be extradited in 2013”. The Afghan-born man will be extradited as soon as he completes his sentence in Indonesia and faces charges of human trafficking in Australia.

Syamsuddin hopes Australia will extradite a former bank chief to Indonesia as part of a ‘mutual bilateral understanding’ between the two countries. Adrian Kiki Ariawan was convicted in absentia of corruption and embezzlement in a $200 million fraud case. Ariawan faces a life sentence in Indonesia.