Political degradation is being blamed as the root of economic stagnation in India, pulling growth rates to 6% from 8%, by a leading history and affairs expert from the London School of Economics.

With the country’s most popular political party since 1885 in steady decline, the economy suffers abandoned reforms from political leaders lacking energy and purpose.

Writing in the Financial Times,  Ramachandra Guha said that The Indian National Congress, which led a successful has movement against British colonial rule and founded a democratic and secular constitution, industrial and technological base, and a unified nation, is losing its spark after its leaders are weakened physically and politically.

Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, was seldom seen in public after an unspecified illness. The party’s general secretary and heir-apparent, Rahul Gandhi, apparently lacks commitment and zeal. Prime Minister Mammohan Singh, is visibly weakened with a history of cardiac problems to govern a government with corruption scandals. Yet despite its steady decline, the INC is the only remaining national party and constructed Indian freedom. Younger, ambitious, talented leaders could revive the party but prevailing culture of deference and sycophancy could hamper it.