India introduced a female unit into its National Security Guard to provide security to female VIPs, a move that was not surprisingly welcomed by women themselves.

The Times of India reports that the 25-member female unit had undergone the same training as their male counterparts and was at par with them in terms of skills. “It was envisaged that they could be used to guard women VIPs who would feel comfortable guarded by female commandos,” a statement from the security establishment said.

Women VIPs such as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha, both guarded by NSG’s Black Cats, were reluctant in having female guards, saying that they refuse to have women as their ‘shadows’.

“We do not discriminate between men and women in our force. Our female commandos are as good as our men and will be put to all duties as and when the time and requirement arises,” National Security Guard Director General Subhash Joshi told The Times of India.