India plans to acquire a defense system similar to Israel’s Iron Dome, aimed at deterring threats from terrorists and hostile neighbors, particularly Pakistan.

According to military scientists in the Defence Research and Development Organisation, India has a ‘fairly good’ anti-ballistic missile shield but almost no protection against short-range missiles, such as the Fajr V rockets which rained down on Israel from Gaza for a week, The Times of India reports.

While the DRDO is currently collaborating with Israeli firms to develop medium range surface-to-air missiles (MRSMs) and LSRMs, the Iron Dome is a different story, says an Israeli diplomatic source.

The air defense system was touted as the most effective deterrent against short-range missiles and could possibly deter Pakistani nuclear weapons such as the Nasr, a solid-fuelled battle field range ballistic missile, the DRDO said. Terrorist groups could also easily acquire short-range rockets or artillery fire that could threaten large numbers of people.

The DRDO is discussing with Israeli counterparts for a possible joint development of an Indian version of the Iron Dome, sources said.