A visiting EU official told the Hindu Times that the European Union will cooperate with the global community in addressing the challenges of terrorism.

Director-General for Home Affairs and Internal Security Stefano Manservisi highlighted the terrorist threats that India faces and described the country as a “strategic partner” of the EU in the fight against terrorism, saying that “security cannot be achieved in isolation.” Mr. Manservisi told reporters that the EU and India has common interests to “prevent terrorism and address radicalisation and recruitment.”

Mr. Manservisi admitted that Europe is still vulnerable to terrorism and violent extremism, the main concerns of the EU that prompted the 27-nation group to look to work with international partners, particularly India. The EU will also work with the country to combat organised international crime such as human trafficking, drugs and firearms trade and money laundering.

The EU official is scheduled to meet with key Indian officials of the Ministries of External Affairs, Home and Indian Overseas Affairs, and other security agencies to tackle the issues and future cooperation.