Hors Pistes Tokyo (Off Tracks) is an arts festival promoting experimentation in new forms of short and mid-length fiction, organized by the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Well known for introducing new international artistic talent, Hors Pistes Tokyo will showcase a selection of work, that “mirror of the uniqueness of the Cinemas of Centre Pompidou,” focusing on diversity (dance movies, art movies,documentaries, fiction, experimental movies, etc…).

Created to explore the most innovative and avant-garde trends of today’s interdisciplinaryarts, Hors Pistes brings together art and moving images through exclusive screenings, live performances, installations and workshops.

Every year the event gives diverse audiences the opportunity to be immersed in the off-beat universe of cutting edge art and media, exploring the breaks and shifts which emerge in contemporary forms of films and narrative and continually pushing the boundaries.
This year, Hors Pistes is set to launch its first new collaboration event right here in Tokyo. Blending films and art from Japan with a selection from the original Paris program, the event aims to create new bridges between France, Japan and the world.

For those artistically inclined, or those just interested in a quirky day, M Event Space & Bar in Daikanyama will host the opening party of Hors Pistes Tokyo on June 4th, with RDV, a duo of architects who will experiment with the possibilities offered by image and sounds to create unity in a festive “rendez-vous”.

Julien Sato, of M Event Space & Bar says, “On Saturday afternoon,  why not come over and create The Hors Pistes Tokyo collection with Andrea Crews (from France) and Banzai (designers collective from Tokyo), it will be fun, relax and easygoing! Everybody is welcome (families as well)”

“On Sunday, let’s play with fashion…. there will be so many clothes to wear, try on, re-mix… everything is allowed !! (with Andrea Crews own collection, vintage clothes and American Apparel) even try a real photo shooting… everybody is welcome to join.”
Hors Pistes Party

Workshop: Saturday June 4th 15:00 – 19:00, Sunday 5th June 17:00 – 20:00 (Free)

Opening party: Saturday June 4th 22:30 (¥1500)

Info: www.horspistestokyo.com

Location: M Event bar

Nearest Station: Daikanyama (Tokyu Toyoko Line)