Students and teachers have gathered outside the Central Government Complex in Hong Kong ahead of legislative polls, in renewed protests against the Chinese curriculum propaganda.

For six days straight, thousands of protesters rallied outside the government office, demanding Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to back down on controversial plans. Several protesters went on a hunger strike, hoping their message would come across. There also have been reports that teachers and students were called to boycott classes. Protesters said they would not vote for parties who support the Chinese patriotism classes which, according to AFP, many schools have refused to teach.

Mr. Leung said he would go ahead to implement the new curriculum, which will be taught voluntarily this semester and become compulsory by 2016, AFP reports. The government claims the curriculum is important “in fostering a sense of national belonging and identity”. Critics accused China of using the curriculum to “brainwash” students and gain control over the island.