All you need is a suitcase

by Pankaj Arora

No deposit, key money,
nor guarantors are required
for the accommodations.

Specialists in furnished business apartments in Japan, the ICHII Corporation has ready-made rooms for professionals and vacationers visiting from  a few days to a few months, Fully equipped with all the common necessities such as TV, fridge, microwave, washing machine, and basic furniture, most of the apartments are relatively new and all are well suited to western-style living. It also provides guests with all the linen, kitchen utensils, and silverware needed to create an atmosphere of a home away from home.

No deposit, key money, nor guarantors are required for the accommodations. You just need one simple renewable contract to start living in these apartments, which are classified in three categories: monthly leased fully furnished apartments, the guest-house, and shared apartments.

ICHII doesn’t own any of the buildings. It mostly sub-leases and manages the buildings; “to cast aside any of the building owners’ anxieties towards language problems, difference of living habits, and customary real estate system,” says Daisuke Uruno, sales chief at ICHII Corporation. Language is also of no concern as ICHII staff can speak a number of languages including English, Korean, Mongolian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

Talking about their typical customers, Urano explains that 70 to 80 percent are from overseas, most travel alone, and are generally here in Japan for business. They have a large number of IT engineers from India and also many students from Asia, especially Korea.

ICHII aspires to bring in a breath of fresh air to the real estate market in Japan and intends to expand to 1,000 apartments by the end of this year and to create a concierge service. The future certainly looks bright for the company as well as for foreign visitors who can now experience an instant, hassle-free Tokyo life. All you need is a suitcase!

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