by Myles Fish

With Roppongi as its neighbor, Hiroo could seem rather tame and unexciting. But in reality, the upscale neighbourhood featuring a number of embassies is a popular place with expats because of its great options for food, drink, entertainment, and relaxation.

One of the treasures of the area is Arisugawa Park, located across from National Azabu supermarket. For an area just the size of a city block, the park is a remarkably tranquil place, with its trees, pond, streams, and even a waterfall.

Hiroo’s main shopping street offers an impressive selection of cuisine, ranging from fast food, Mexican, and traditional Japanese to a good old-fashioned, juicy hamburger. Homeworks is the place to get a gourmet burger or your favorite sandwich from back home, like a clubhouse or BLT. It is a popular lunch-time spot, with the avacado burger getting rave reviews.

Next door to Homeworks is a trendy stand-up bar, Restaurant Bon Marché Q, or ‘Q Bar,’ as it is affectionately known. For those who are a bit squemish about what they eat, this spot is a great place to try octopus, eel, or cow stomach for the first time, as the friendly staff serve up excellent cuisine time after time. Food and drink here is all reasonably priced, with an all-you-can-drink wine option for only ¥1,800.



Arisugawa Park


Restaurant Bon Marché Q