The Hikarie building in Shibuya is brightening up the Tokyo retail and entertainment scene.

An impressive 34-storey structure just east of Shibuya station houses a music hall, cinema, art spaces, cafes and restaurants. A few years in development, the Hikarie first hit the headlines in 2011 when an impressive Twitter campaign asked people who spotted the new landmark to share pictures of the building from their location and guess each other’s whereabouts to win prizes.

Shopping just got more glamorous in Tokyo; the Tokyu Corporation-owned Hikarie includes high-end cosmetics stores, food plazas and fashion floors. The eye-catching Hikarie will be a breath of fresh air to Tokyo’s recession-watchers. For more insight on the Tokyo retail scene – with all its new major players – check out our May issue.

Check out the Hikarie website for more information – and check out some of the impressive design work which has gone into making the new landmark so spectacular.

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