Kids take to the motocross course

by Marie Teather

Watching your child flying through the air above a muddy terrain whilst hanging onto a revving 50cc engine may not, for most parents, seem the ideal way to while away the weekend. However, as kids increasingly look for more extreme hobbies to engage themselves in, motocross is gaining in popularity as the ultimate sport to top their pal’s more traditional past-times, and score some vital playground credibility points.

Motocross, sometimes referred to as dirt biking, derives its name from the words ‘motorcycle’ and ‘cross-country’. A typical motocross competition conquers up images of dare-devil stunts, aggressive riding, bumps and bruises, plus of course plenty of sludged-up biking gear—hardly the kind of sport most mothers dream of for their children. But for kids who do become involved in racing, the skills learnt can soon waylay any potential fears that parents may have.

Motocross… teaches your child vital life skills
about competition, motivation, winning,
and more importantly even—losing.

Often at a loss to find interesting and fun activities that the whole family can participate in together—motocross is ironically a family sport. Unlike at the local games center, kids will welcome mum and dad being present to offer support and give all important mechanical advice when their engine fails. Recognizing possible dangers and respecting the safety rules of their motocross club will encourage a sense of responsibility, while racing itself; training for a race, having competitors and so on, teaches your child vital life skills about competition, motivation, winning, and more importantly even—losing. Although parents may, for once, prefer the Play Station racing alternative, motocross racing is a wholly aerobic activity and any kid who hopes to do well on the dirt-track will soon, and in fact have to, shape-up in order to control and stay on top of the engine.

Luckily for kids in Tokyo, Off Road Village in Saitama is an easy-to-reach track for families interesting in sampling this exciting sport. Although no longer having specific children’s lessons, it does have a simpler, beginners course, and can also provide rental clothes and bikes for those who are new to the sport. For more information please call 049-226-4141 or see the website A day out at the track is sure to see kids becoming the envy of their friends while their parents become the coolest around!