Disneyland Celebrates Christmas

by Elisabeth Lambert

From November 10 to December 25, Tokyo Disney Resort will feature the Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy Event.  With Disneyland undergoing a complete Christmas makeover, this is the one place in Japan guaranteed to bring back some of that holiday season nostalgia expats may be missing at this time of the year.  Just on approach, you can’t  not help but hum along to the Christmas carols accompanying you from Maihama station to the Disneyland entrance.

To say Disney goes all out is an understatement.  Although Christmas may not be traditionally celebrated in Japan, this all changes at the Disneyland  gate. From their characters taking on Christmas costumes, to their merchandising, menus and music, it is very easy to forget that Christmas is actually still a good 6 weeks away.   Disneyland on an ordinary day can’t help but bring back sentimental memories of childhood so when combined with the season to be jolly, it is as good excuse as any to let your  inner child run-free and just roll with it – and enjoy!

Elisabeth Lambert

New to Disneyland in 2009 is The White Holiday Parade.  This magical Christmas journey brings out the likes of Goofy, the Chipmunks, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger as well as  elves, gingerbreadmen, snowmen, beautiful  dancers  and acrobatic skaters in an energetic, artistic and colorful display.  The sweetness and happiness of it all is absolutely oozing, but in a good way (I found myself waving back and dancing along with  everyone else).  And as for the cherry on top? Minnie and Mickey Mouse in a winter wonderland skating spectacular, followed by Santa Claus, who is flying high with his reindeer and holiday cheer!  Children will absolutely love this; lots of smiles, waves and good photo opportunities.  The White Holiday Parade will occur twice a day, around 10.50am and 3.40pm.

Elisabeth LambertElisabeth LambertElisabeth Lambert

Elisabeth LambertElisabeth Lambert

At night Disneyland becomes positively enchanting. For evening visitors, Disneyland has rejigged their Electrical Parade, Dreamlights, to incorporate Christmas.  So watch the park come alive to the sound of  Disney music with millions of sparkling lights illuminating costumes, floats and instruments.   Be sure  to checkout the famous Christmas Wishes in the Sky fireworks display afterwards.  Both of these events  will  give you that definite wow factor.  Dreamlights occurs at 7.30pm ech night, with the fireworks following shortly after at 8.30pm.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Disney beloved such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy who may be out and about waiting to wish you a very Merry Disney Christmas indeed.