Gundam has returned to Tokyo to guard the new Diver City shopping centre in Odaiba. Anime-geeks and shoppers alike can go have a look – but it’s pretty easy to guess which group will win the numbers battle!

If this guy reminds you of the toys you used to play with when you were a kid, then you just might be the kind of person who already knows to get over to Diver City to see him. You may also be the type with the full name of the suit (RX-78-2?) on your lips as you read this, but even if not, there is something about it which will make you look up.

The name of the new mall, Diver City, seems to be a pun on the katakana-ised ‘diversity’ – the Vs and Bs in romanised Japanese script ending up the same – and, Daiba, the location. Add ‘City’ for a bit of metropolitan Tokyo glamour, and there you are. Does it work? Well, we’ll leave that to you. Anyway, H&M, Uniqlo, Zara and other major retail players have set up shop, so even if you aren’t into Gundam suits and their related comics, toys, games and software, it may be worth a trip. Just watch you don’t ruin any super-fan‘s photos!

(Photo PA)