The gang rape of a 23 year old medical student in India last week has led to protests which have become increasingly violent, leading to at least one death.

After a TV cameraman was apparently killed in Imphal when protesters clashed with police, Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, called for calm and vowed to protect women, reports the Times.

Peaceful protests in Delhi turned violent as anger over police and government apparently ‘failing’ the public spread.

The victim of the rape is reported to still be fighting for her life but has given a statement to the police, says the Hindustan Times, in which she describes being thrown on the side of the road and fainting. “All six men took turns to sexually assault me,” the paper quotes her as saying.

All six of her alleged attackers have been arrested by police and remanded in custody. Police say they have all admitted their guilt. The men were said to be “drunk and joyriding in an off-duty bus when they came across the pair” (the woman was with another man who was also attacked.)

Police have sought to allay anger by promising the death penalty for those found guilty of serious offences of sexual violence against women.