The Society for Study of Washi Culture (Japan) and the Friends of Dard Hunter (America) are pleased to announce an exhibition showcasing the work of 25 artists working in the medium of handmade paper art. The exhibition, with sponsorship from the American Embassy, is the first collaboration between the two paper-related organizations.

The work in the exhibition showcases the limitless possibilities of this remarkable medium. Included in the show (at the Ozu Washi gallery, in Nihonbashi) are wall pieces, installation work, artists’ books, and wearable items. Gallery talks about the work will be given on August 31 and September 1, both beginning at 2pm. Concurrent to the exhibition at Ozu Washi, the life and work of Dard Hunter himself will be showcased at the Paper Museum, where two lectures will be given (September 5): “The Paper Research of Dard Hunter” and “The Activities of the Friends of Dard Hunter group.”