If you eat food, you probably should see “Food Inc.” Which, I guess, means all of you. This damning documentary takes all those unpleasant things that you have heard one seeming crackpot or another express outrage at over the years and collects them all in to a single well-constructed, logically persuasive narrative that is enough to make you want to pick up a spear, head into the mountains and finally make good on that promise to live off the land. The gist? American food has become a commodity product in the worst way imaginable, with animals treated as if they didn’t share the common bond of life with us,  food-processing factories either disease-ridden sweat-houses or chemical nightmares, and just a handful of corporate giants controlling what we eat. Before the schadenfreude sets in, imagine that there is no reason why this wouldn’t be true in your own country. Don’t believe us? See the movie.

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