The European Union expressed concern over Beijing’s “lack of transparency” on the recent bouts of ethnic violence in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Markus Ederer, the EU’s ambassador to China, told reporters at a briefing Monday it was necessary for Beijing to reveal all it knows on what triggers the religious unrest in Xinjiang.

The EU “believes it is necessary to address the underlying causes of ethnic tensions in order to achieve lasting stability and prosperity,” Ederer said.

“We are concerned by the lack of transparency when it comes to the reporting about what happened. We believe that transparency would help make clear the amount and the source of this violence,” he added.

Chinese paramilitary troops have been ordered to conduct round-the-clock patrols in Xinjiang following deadly clashes amid long-simmering unrest among the Uighur minority group which accuse China of oppression, reports The Associated Press.

Beijing blames the rising bloodshed on the growing influence of radical Islam in the region.

Beijing denied accusations of a heavy-handed crackdown on the minority group and says it has poured billions to develop the region and raise standards of living.