So in fashion it is almost never off the agenda these days, it is hard to find more to say about craft beers in Japan. Sipped and swilled as they are by everyone from the bohemian cafe crowd to those enjoying an up-market business lunch, here we have another event highlighting that these brews are here to stay – with a twist.

Who knew all-you-can-drink Japanese craft beer could be so easy to find? Isn’t that kind of thing reserved salaryman’s favourites, maybe Asahi, Kirin or Suntory lager?

Not at Biervana, in Akasaka, which is a favourite place of ours here at Weekender – we think its craft beer selection is unsurpassed in Tokyo. Their menu is carefully selected and offers a choice of beers from around the world, with brews from the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and of course Japan. Here, your tipple is to be local, and if you don’t know much about Japanese craft ales, you will find out.

For the Spring Edition of its Craft Beer Festival, Biervana expects brewery representatives to attend and help you with your choices, as well as give you “the low down on the Craft Beer Boom which is taking the bier world by storm!!”

Need something to soak it all up? Never fear, the barbecue will be fired up, and as much delicious meat as you can handle from the buffet is thrown into the deal.

Expect to try Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Hitachino Nest XO, Tono Weizen, Atsugi Brewery, Brimmer Brewing, Sankt Gallen Brewery, Shiga Kogen, Hopslave Double IPA and Minoh beer – and remember that if some of those names mean nothing to you, tasting notes and information will be available!

Time: 17:00 – 20:00

Date: Saturday 16th June

How Much: ¥6,000 (¥5,500 if you email and reserve – see below)

Place: Biervana, Akasaka – map below.

Craft Beer Fest in Biervana

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