From October 6 to 17, 2009, animal photographer Megumi Asaoka will be holding an exhibition at the YHI Gallery in Omotesando, Tokyo (4-3-16 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku) titled “Dogs and Cats Across the World – A Bond,” a showcase of photos of dogs and cats from all over the world. Applications to adopt animals will also be available on the premises.

This autumn, the YHI Gallery will be holding an exhibition by animal photographer Megumi Asaoka, who has travelled the world with her camera to capture the relationships between dogs, cats and people. From Greece to France and Italy to Portugal, the photos Megumi has captured of animals coexisting with people in a variety of countries brim with the animals’ beauty, strength, and powerful will to survive. Volunteer organizations will also be on the premises to accept applications from those interested in adopting a dog or cat.

“ ‘Face of YAMANASHI HEMSLOJD, Fuuka (Japanese: Chin)’ was used for breeding before being abandoned in the mountains of Chiba. She was rescued by a volunteer organization shortly before she would have been destroyed at Animal Control, at which point she came to Omotesando,” says Makiko Yamanashi, coordinator of the YHI Gallery. “Every year in Japan, hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats are unjustly destroyed, and it is my hope that Ms. Asaoka’s photography gives us an opportunity to rethink the relationship between animals and people. We hope that this exhibition provides a way of finding happy homes for animals that have been abandoned or otherwise have no place to go.”

Booths will be set up at the exhibition introducing the work of CATNAP, a rescue organization for abandoned pets, as well as ARK, an NPO that extensively works with the international community of Japan to support animal welfare since it began its operations after rescuing dogs and cats in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Additionally, works by young artists that deal with the bond between animals and people will also be on exhibition and available for purchase.

• Title: “Dogs and Cats Across the World – A Bond”
Megumi Asaoka Photography Exhibition / Network for saving small lives
• Date: Tuesday, October 6 – Saturday, October 17 10:30am – 6:30pm, Free Entrance
The gallery will be closed on Monday, October 12.
*Dogs and cats are permitted provided they are held or placed in a carrier.
• Location: YHI Gallery
4-3-16 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku 150-0001
Tel: 03-3470-3119 Fax: 03-3470-2669

• Directions: 2 minutes from Exit A2 of Omotesando Subway Station. The gallery entrance is located between the Benetton and Morgan stores.
• Supporters: ARK, CATNAP, Gotokuji Namiki Animal Clinic

• About Megumi Asaoka

A photographer who specializes in animals, Megumi Asaoka has travelled the world capturing the relationships between animals and people through photography. Her work is featured in several pet magazines, including WAN and Neko Seikatsu. Her photography books include “Blue sky Blue,” which consists of photos of cats living in urban Greece. She is also an instructor at Nagoya Visual Arts, an art academy in central Japan.

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Contact person: Terahara at YAMANASHI HEMSLOJD.
*Please contact us for images.

4-3-16 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku 150-0001
Tel: 03-3470-3119 Fax: 03-3470-2669
[email protected]