Looking to see your favourite Disney characters gliding on the ice or to just get away from this relentless heat? 

The characters are performing in their annual Japan Tour, and stopping in Tokyo for only a few days. Disney on Ice is the classic family activity, although with the popularity of Disney we suspect that many young couples and ‘cuteness enthusiasts’ will be in attendance. They have several performances each day, and the convenient location in Yoyogi and reasonable pricing (cheaper than visiting the actual theme park) make it an ideal summer outing. We hear that the on-ice tricks are pretty spectacular, so even if you’re only there to escape the heat, you might actually enjoy the spectacle.

Disney on Ice (click for more details about schedule, Japanese only)

When: July 20-24 (July 20, 21: performances at 10:30, 14:00, 17:30; July 22: performances at 13:00, 16:30; July 24: performances at 11:00, 14:30, 18:00)

Where: Yoyogi National Gymnasium (see map)

How much: Adults: S ¥5,800, A ¥3,900/children: S ¥4,800, A ¥2,900

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