At P.A.L. International School parental involvement in their child’s education is truly valued. While importance is placed on the children developing a close relationship with their teachers, PAL believes that teachers and parents working together helps children to grow and develop even further.

Recently the parents and staff at P.A.L. organized a field trip to the countryside of outer Tokyo for the following reasons.

First, children who live in big cities rarely have a chance to experience country life and understand the differences between different ways of life. The children at P.A.L. come from all parts of the world, so it’s important for them to be able to enjoy all parts of everyday life or see new parts of life that they may never have known.

Secondly, when children have a “hands on” experience it’s much more beneficial than just seeing, talking, or listening to a storybook. On the trip, every child had a chance to dig for potatoes and carrots, a new experience for many, and every child could run and play and collect acorns and chestnuts. It was incredible to see the children enjoy such a rare chance.

Thirdly, and most importantly, when parents and teachers work together, children can obtain a deeper and more meaningful understanding. In these busy times, this is a chance parents cannot afford to miss with their children.

“At P.A.L. we have a very unique and individualistic environment. As a small school we can pay extra attention to every individual child, we believe more so than any other school in Tokyo. We value each family and the distinctive qualities that make them special to us.” Comments the school’s Director Angela Seppings. “To join us at P.A.L. is to be sure of your child’s education, as well as your child’s overall growth and development. They will be well nurtured and cared for, and they will have experiences that you won’t believe.”

For a guided tour of the school and its activities please call 03-5770-8166. P.A.L. holds classes for children aged 18 months to 6 years. As well as a great afternoon program for children who wish to improve their English or simply have fun. See for more details.

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