The family of British tourist killed on a skydiving plane crash at Fox Glacier has launched an internet campaign, using the name “NZsafety”, claiming that New Zealand is unsafe. The crash, considered New Zealand’s worst air disaster for 17 years, killed nine people, including 24-year-old Bradley Coker. Chris Coker, Bradley’s father, said that with proper regulation and control his son’s death could have been prevented. Mr. Coker wrote an emotional letter to Prime Minister John Key to review aviation regulations after the Transport Accident Investigation Commission released a final report. Mr. Coker told the Prime Minister that public and tourists were “not safe” in New Zealand, asking him to change the way adventure sports are regulated. The 2010 crash killed four foreign tourists, four skydive masters and a pilot. Reports revealed the plane had been poorly converted from a crop-duster to a skydiving plane months earlier. Mr. Coker spoke out because he didn’t want other parents to experience “a knock on the door at 5 a.m. telling them their beloved son was dead”.