The Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Course is an internationally recognized CPR and First Aid training course, medically based, following the same priorities of care used by professional emergency care providers.

This course focuses on Emergency care for adults and detailed First Aid routines.


 Hands on skills practice (Learn by Doing)
 CPR and First Aide skills for adults
 Relaxed, non-stressful, supportive environment 
 Highly recommended for working professionals and parents

Workshop Schedule

9:00- Bagels and Coffee (Registration) 9:30- Opening address
9:35- Workshop-A: Primary Skills 1~8
12:00- 30 min lunch break (B Y O)
12:30- Workshop-B: Secondary Skills 1-4
3:00- Workshop-C: Scenarios
4:00- Final Exam (Fill out Completion Card)
4:30- Closing address

Phone: 04-2946-1911
Fax: 04-2946-1955
E-mail: [email protected]